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Travelling with my family anytime of year is what I enjoy most, whether it's camping just a couple hours away or flying to the otherside of the world there's countless mountains to climb or ancient cities to wander. I also enjoy backpacking, snowboarding, and freshwater aquariums. Most recently I've begun volunteering for the Red Cross during the Kinkade Fire (Sonoma County, California) in October 2019 and have become more involved as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Protecting our communities and supporting our most vulnerable in their time of greatest need is about as selfless an act I can think of.

Highly motivated and results-oriented Director with a comprehensive understanding of global engineering team dynamics, follows software development lifecycle best practices, and a deep expertise in scalable, performant infrastructure from the datacenter to the public cloud. Exceptionally collaborative Engineer with talent for directing large, geographically dispersed operations and engineering teams. A dedicated team-player with ‘big picture’ perspective, able to weigh competing priorities, evaluate opportunities against business objectives, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty in the process of architecting systems infrastructure that delivers mission critical services.


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Complete video game credits can be seen here at MobyGames